Hi there, Treehunter, treehugger, treesurgeon of other treelover.

What about a place where you can find any amazing tree from everywhere on the world. Find info and go treehunting. Well thats why I started this website, because most amazing trees are hard to find and spread everywhere on the internet. But by this way it is possible to find amazing trees even where you live and apply your amazing tree as well.

So, I started this website to provide and show information about the most amazig trees there are in the world with the idea in mind that later on when there is a nice database, the tree’s could be filmed for a documatary series. This way the trees are viewable for tree lovers all over the world and the tree’s are stored in our memory for if when they fail or have to be removed.

Now I am asking you to provide the website with trees that you think are amazing to grow the database.

But what is an amazing tree? An Amazing Tree is a tree that has a special value. That can be that the tree has some special story, the tree is really old, looks epic, hase nice flower or is really big. Everything that makes the tree more special then the others.

How can I provide the tree? Fill in the form on the “apply a tree”page, email me or share information in the facebook group. The information what I need is a Photo that can be used on the website, so you must have full rights of the photo(made the photo yourself) or the photo must have a Public Domain or Creative Commons Attribution licence attached to it so it can be legally placed on the website. Also we need much other information. The information we need is stated on the “apply a tree” page. Apply your tree today, check out the “Apply a tree” page and share it with your friends.

So Share this with your friends and family and let the AmazingTrees Database grow!

Check us also out at facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mostamazingtrees/

Are you a Treesurgeon, Tree technician or do you know lots of trees and want to help out? Send me an email! info@mostamazingtrees.com

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