Apply a Tree

You know a Most Amazing Tree? And you want to tell us about it? Thats possible. Provide us with the information below as much as you can including some photo's.

You can apply any tree that has something special or amazing on it. Like if a certain Ash is special becaus the way it has grown is amazing and different then that Ash species would normally grow. Not sure if your tree apply's or don't know all the info? Just send in the form and we will sort it out. Just try to fill in the form as much as you can.

So if you have or found a tree, fill in in the format below to or email the same information to with the subject "I Found an Amazing Tree!"

Or you can start as an contributor and make your own posts with the information you can provide! Go to "Login/Register" and Click on register to make a contributor account. Every post you place will be checked by an admin before published.

Apply a Tree:

Species (If you don't know the species, leave it blank)

Whole Species or Single Tree(s)

Botanical Name

Common Name Name

Local or Historic name - Name of the tree itself if it has a special name

Size and Form


Width of Canapy
(measured in all 4 wind directions)

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  • East

  • South

  • West

  • Width of Stem/Thrunk (DBH)

    Tree Form
    (fill in one or more)
    PollardMaidenCoppiceStumpMultistem/thrunkSmallBigLow Branching or ForkingClonal CoppiceClonal ColoniesFused or HuggingFallenTree ComplexesBanyan likeMangroves/Arial RootsEpiphyticUnkown

    If filled in Epiphytic above, What kind of Epiphytes is it

    State of the Tree


    Decay, Hazard's and Threats

    Tree condition
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    (fill in botanical and common name if you know them, if not provide photo's of the fungi)


    VandalismCompaction of Root AreaWater logging (Drainage)Cultivation close to treeFire damageOvershadingMajor tree surgery/pruningGrazing damage aroudn and to base of treeOther - State in "Additional Informaition"

    Nesting Bird'sEvidence of Bat'sEvidence of invertebrates

    FencingTree Preservation Order or any kind of other Protection LawUncultivated landOther - State in "Additional Information"


    Grid reference or Google Maps link with Point of interest(Tree)

    Public Accessibility

    GardenFieldMoorlandRiver/Canal bankBridlepath/FootpathUrbanCommon/HeathOrchardAveneuHighway/railwayWoodlandPrivate ParkPublic ParkChurchyardHedgerowVillage ParkOther - State in "Addition Information"

    Soil Type

    (Place, County, Country etc if possible)

    Why is this tree so Amazing? (required)

    Photo's (required)
    (Place a link of wetransfer, skydrive or any kind of that sort of media sharing platform. Photo's must be your own or under a Public Domain or Creative Commons Attribution Licence. Send the licence/place link with it)

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    Additional Information/Comments

    Photo's need to be your own or you have to have the full rights to it. When sending the photo's to us you give us rights to use the photo's in anything connected to like usage on the websites or in video's. You may add photo's you do not own but that are under a Public Domain or a Creative Commons Attribution licence. In that case, send the link of the photo.

    Information also may not be copyed from somewhere else, but written down by yourself. If possible we will always try to attribute you with the information and photo's you provide.

    Adresses wil NOT be published or shared. They will only be used for film and photographical purposses only. This is to protect the trees against vandalism. But offcourse for the real treehunters, we will give some hints like area's or streets to a maximum, depending on the tree, so you are still able to find them, but with effort.

    If there are still any questions, send an email to

    Thanks a lot for your help!