Old Mulberries in Brandenburg


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(On the main photo) A 250 year old mulberry tree (Morus alba) in Brandenburg. One of the survivors of big plantations from the 18th century for feeding silkworms to produce silk in Germany.
5 m girth, growing slowly over the past 17 years.

There are several old mulberries in Brandenburg (northeast Germany) that reacht 4,5 to 5,5 m circumference. Leftovers of a planting campaign in the 18th century started by King Friedrich the second, to get independent from expensive imports of silk from China. Millions of trees where planted them, about 70 survived. Millions died in the early years , due to very strong and cols winters, the plans where abandoned...
A lot of those, who survived where plantes on church yards.

The biggest (by circumference) you can find here:

Photo and Information: Andreas Gomolka (Facebook) (Copyrighted)

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