The Bonsai that Survived Hiroshima

(Note: The photo/vector used is not the actual Bonsai itself. Because there was no photo of it found yet that we could use because of copyright. Do you have a photo we could use, send us an email:
  • Species
    • Botanical Name: Pinus  parviflora
    • Common Name: Japanese White Pine
  • Size and Form
    • Age: 390 Years
  • Place
    • Place: US National Arboretum (
    • Public acces: Restricted Acces - Opening times, free admission
  • Information
    • "A centuries-old bonsai that survived the bombing of Hiroshima is making worldwide headlines, but its caretakers wish the attention were focused more on the tree's role in peace than in war."  Read the full story and see the real photo on the National Geographic website here.

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